Broearn Browser for Web3.0

Broearn Browser for Web3.0

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Broearn Browser for Web3.0 Broearn Browser for Web3.0 Broearn Browser for Web3.0 Broearn Browser for Web3.0 Broearn Browser for Web3.0 Broearn Browser for Web3.0

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Broearn Web 3.0 is a browser that focuses on privacy and security protection. Based on Web 3.0 blockchain technology, it supports services such as anti-advertising, privacy encryption, fast browsing, user privacy browsing security and information protection. VPN, Broearn Wallet, PUT public chain service, Broearn Search, night mode, and daily rewards for PUT crypto digital wallet are integrated within Broearn.
By introducing the new AI Assistant to implement the functionality of ChatGPT services, users can experience a high-intelligence AI Assistant in the high-tech Broearn browser. Strive to create a new, intelligent, privacy-friendly browser.

Broearn supports a variety of plug-in service, enabling users to quickly schedule an interface presentation through a personalized interface. Rich Task Mode allows users to reap the rewards of Web 3.0 by completing tasks.

New features.
- Broearn's cross-blockchain crypto wallet
- AI assistant
- Customized plugin layout

The Browser provides comprehensive security for privacy protection:
Data transfer-side encryption protection
Cookie tracking blocking protection
Camera access blocking
Microphone access blocking
Mobile sensor call blocking
Website storage data checking at any time
Device clipboard content acquisition blocking
Device usage acquisition blocking
Pop-up blocking
Ad blacklist match blocking
NFC information viewing and change permission blocking
Blocking of tracking camera location

Broearn Wallet
The wallet on the Browser enablesusers to purchase, store, send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies. It supports exchange services of PUT, OKC, HECO, ALGO, Harmony, BTC, ETH, BSC,TRON, SOLANA and other blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Browser Search
The Browser is a tool for browsing websites, concentrating on the protection of users’ privacy and security. It features no tracking and logging of user's browsing behaviors and is able to effectively block the excessive collection of users’ privacy and information.

Default Browser
Set Broearn Web 3.0 Blockchain Browser! Go Settings – scroll down to Search Engine – click Default Browser Application

About the Browser
Broearn uses blockchain technology to create the most secure Web 3.0 browser in the world. It eliminates the collection of privacy and information when users search, and creates a protective barrier for user privacy and information with multi-dimensional protection. Broearn browser provides digital cryptocurrency services through its deep bond with the PUT blockchain wallet.

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