Twerk Race — 3D Running Game

Twerk Race — 3D Running Game

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Twerk Race — 3D Running Game Twerk Race — 3D Running Game Twerk Race — 3D Running Game Twerk Race — 3D Running Game Twerk Race — 3D Running Game Twerk Race — 3D Running Game

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Twerking is incredibly enjoyable, and a running game incorporating twerking is even more entertaining! Welcome to Twerk Race 3D - a thrilling runner game featuring an enjoyable race where the objective is to develop your body to become a twerking superstar! Sprint, conquer numerous hurdles, and compete for the title of the greatest twerk dancer ever in this ultra-exciting runner game.

On your marks. Set. Go! The exhilarating race is underway! Navigate through the challenging obstacle course and collect food to transform your body. In this running game, you can go from chubby to trim in no time. Gather healthy foods and watch your body become fit. Grab fast food and watch your body expand instantly. Your goal is to complete the run with the most substantial body possible in this Twerk Race 3D.


Be aware: simply collecting hamburgers won't be enough to reach the end - it requires a bit of strategy too! The race is filled with wild obstacles: weak glass platforms, barriers with various sized holes, slides, and more. Sometimes, your large body can be a disadvantage. Learn when to burn calories and transition from chubby to trim. Show that you have the intellect to complement your big muscles!


This running game isn't just about a fun race - there's a twerking showdown waiting for you at the finish line in this Twerk Race 3D game. Each level concludes with an extravagant finale - a thrilling showdown that will test your twerking abilities. Reserve all your energy for the powerful bump and knock the opponent off the dance ring. Only the strongest and most significant body stands a chance of winning the final showdown!

Are you ready for the Twerk Race challenge? You have nothing to lose… except perhaps a few pounds. Join the fun run, gather different foods, overcome all obstacles, and gear up to win the ultimate battle.


● A unique running game! It's a runner with a twerk showdown at the end. There's nothing quite like it!

● A thrilling final showdown! Grow your body large and robust and overpower your opponent with your solid muscles!

● Genuine dynamic tension! A quick and enjoyable race with a limitless variety of obstacles to conquer. Watch your body transform as you tackle each challenge!

● A fresh fun run - a new and adorable look. Numerous opportunities to dress up your character. Choose the finest outfit to highlight your attractive muscles!

Never before has a body race been this entertaining! Join Twerk Race 3D to indulge in a Twerk Race 3D runner that's sure to banish your boredom and get you dancing all day!

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